Infill and consequences

Dear Editor:Recall 2005? That was when Helen voted to pass the Klanderization of Aspen (the largest upzoning in the history of Aspen – codenamed “infill”). Intending to pour fuel on the development fire, these code amendments significantly increased FAR, reduced open space requirements (e.g. Zélé’s patio), relieved developers of parking requirements (without an alternative community parking plan), and allowed rebuilding of lodge rooms without affordable housing mitigation. It was also when Helen voted to increase the budget for new staff members to speed development approvals.Fast forward to Feb. 8, 2006, when city council members spent a day with a facilitator to identify Aspen’s top 10 goals. These included: examining the infill lodge code amendment in light of recent development proposals; working with the county to find a new facility for newly added city staff to share; adopting a plan to mitigate construction impacts by spring; and examining growth and ways to regulate it. It is no surprise the amendments that Helen voted to support in 2005 resulted in a top-10 list for 2006 focused on the legacy created by her votes last year for the “Klanderization” of Aspen (the largest upzoning in the history of Aspen).Bert MyrinAspen