Indians getting screwed again |

Indians getting screwed again

Regarding the nuclear waste that is being targeted for one of the poorest Indian reservations, the Skull Valley Indian Reservation of the Goshute Indians:

The Goshute Indians have been duped again by the United States government through its government agency, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, who signed a lease on behalf of its beneficiaries, the Goshutes, to house a high-level nuclear dump for 20 years on their sovereign land.

The reservation is one hour southwest of Salt Lake City. The president, Leon Bear, was bribed, it would appear, with $3 million, to sign the lease with Private Fuels Storage, a consortium of nuclear power plants with the waste of about 93 plants going to the Indian reservation.

The waste will consist of 44,000 tons of high-level nuclear waste. Leon Bear did not disclose the provisions of the lease to his tribe, nor did he share his $3 million payoff, and the BIA, as trustee, also kept the contents of the lease secret.

Even though they have a fiduciary responsibility to act for the benefit of their beneficiaries, the Goshutes, they chose to violate their trust relationship. No wonder the Indians, as a whole, have been waging a battle for years to make the BIA and BLM accountable in their trust relationships.

The BIA and BLA cannot account for billions of lost sums from other leases. The Goshutes are part of a long trail of betrayal by the federal government, and now there appears to be yet again fraud and genocide in the making.

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EXCEL, as part of this consortium, is using its rate payers’ money to make this fraudulent deal. The ratepayers should make, yet again, their corporate partners accountable, filing a suit. And the Goshutes should file its case with the new World Criminal Court or World Court to prevent the coming genocide of its people.

If this interests you, the Goshutes need money for their legal cases within the next two weeks; send donations to Environmental Justice Foundation, 42 E. 300 N. Provo, UT 84606. For more info, call (801) 374-6757.

Also call Gayle Norton, Department of Interior, (202) 208-3100; and Utah Governor Leavitt, 801-538-1000; or Utah Senate, (801) 538-1035.

The Roaring Fork Valley is downwind from the reservation and contamination is coming our way unless we stop the nuclear waste.

Louella Mortensen

Glenwood Springs

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