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Inconvenient Air

Dear Editor:I am only the latest person to be, to put it mildly, inconvenienced by the Bombardier CJR-700’s inability to provide reliable air service to Aspen. This is what happened.On the morning of Jan. 16 I showed up at Sardy for the 7:45 flight to Denver. At about 7:30 there was an announcement that the cabin was not sufficiently heated so that there would be a delay. This announcement was repeated with minor variants until 10 when it was announced that the flight was canceled because the emergency equipment was not working. I have no idea if any of these reasons was true or whether it was once again the barometric pressure issue. In the meanwhile all sorts of flights operating functioning aircraft came and went. It was also announced that no other flights would be available for us since everything was overbooked.Did they have a suggestion? Yes, try to rent a car. Would United pay? Are you crazy? I asked if there might be a bus. I was told that any bus would have to come from Grand Junction and in any event there was no bus. I at least had some place to return to, but what about the majority of passengers who had checked out of hotel rooms? Would United find them a place to spend the night and pay for it? Are you crazy?Now what to do? I have two suggestions, one practical and the other probably not. The second one requires a lawyer. Am I a lawyer? Are you crazy?The first suggestion is to refuse to be booked on this aircraft into and out of Aspen. There is now enough empirical evidence that it does not work. Don’t fly it. The second suggestion is to file a class action suit against Sky West to recover the cost to us of this apparently unworkable airplane. These two suggestions are the only two that I can come up with, but you may have better ones.Jeremy BernsteinAspen


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