Inclusive literary group needed |

Inclusive literary group needed

Dear Editor:Just a cautionary note to writers of the young adult/teenage breed:You won’t find much of an open field for your work at the Weekly Writers Group, sponsored by the Aspen Writers’ Foundation.I sat in on a meeting a while back to find myself pleasantly ignored for about a half-hour. After wedging into a corner of the discussion table, I was treated to glimpses of text only over the shoulder of my neighbor (it felt a little like cheating at poker). Drafts were exchanged a few times without so much as a nod in my general direction.Needless to say, I headed out the back door after one post-menopausal manuscript too many.I would love to see a local uprising of this generation’s literary talent, but how can a movement such as this gain speed if it can’t even gain acknowledgment?Gordon WestEl Jebel

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