Inclusion in Lift 1A counts |

Inclusion in Lift 1A counts

Dear Editor:

If impartiality is required to serve on the COWOP process to re-develop Lift 1A ” the council won’t be filling the seats with locals. By definition, “Aspenite” means strong opinion.

Councilman Romero and Mayor Ireland are correct regarding participation by an ACRA member. And the invitation should be extended to the Aspen Board of Realtors and any other organization or citizen that actually understands the industry we are trying to control and direct.

The mistaken assumption is that people who work in the industry that is 83 percent of our economy only will operate with self interest. The truth is, we are a small and tight enough community that we know the reputation of most of our citizens … so just don’t pick a known greed-head. The vast majority will put personal interests aside if offered a chance to really affect our future.

Wise up, council. The only way the Lift 1A redevelopment will be a successful one, that we all take pride in, is by ensuring your process does include creative and knowledgeable minds from the business, development and real estate communities.

Shellie Roy