Incident sours Aspen as destination |

Incident sours Aspen as destination

Dear Editor:This is the 13th year that my family has spent our spring break in the Aspen area. We have had nothing but praise for the people who work for the Aspen Skiing Co. and the many auxiliary services involved in running a world-class resort; however, a critical incident that occurred on St. Patrick’s Day has necessitated a re-evaluation of our choice of destination ski resorts. Four of us were standing along the edge of the Sneaky’s ski run at Snowmass when an out-of-control skier took out three of us. My beautiful wife was knocked down and my son was also a tertiary victim of the out-of-control Texan. My wife required emergency treatment. The ski patrol took our report and an opposing viewpoint from the tall, out-of-control Longhorn (at least he was wearing a U of T jumpsuit). While I skied down to the clinic to meet my injured wife (she was taken down via sled), the Texan skied off to enjoy the rest of his day. There was no apology. It was obvious that he was not going to take any responsibility for his actions. The ski patrol just let him go. We were left with a hefty clinic bill.I asked the ski patrol to void the Texan’s lift ticket. Clearly, he ran into – and knocked down – three people on the hill who were standing still. Furthermore, given the absence of consequences, he posed a danger to others. Even more disgusting was the fact that the Texan would not act like a man and own up to what he had done. He lied to me, he lied to the ski patrol. He’s a poor excuse for a man.The ski patrol did not cancel this man’s privilege to ride the lifts at Snowmass. Why? Because they did not directly witness the incident. Did I mention that this Texan mowed down three skiers and there were four eyewitnesses to the incident?The ski patrol did a wonderful job taking care of my injured wife, and I cannot say enough about the integrity of the folks who were working at the clinic during the incident, but I can’t help think that maybe there would not be as many injuries if the patrol and/or the Aspen Skiing Co. would take action against individuals who pose a credible threat to all of us who ski responsibly. Next year, we are going to think long and hard before returning to ski in Aspen. Jeffrey BauerFort Collins

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