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In translation

Marta DarbyAspen, CO Colorado

The slopes are starting to look a lot like spring. Dirt patches and rocks are reappearing from beneath the snowpack.But, the forecast sounds so promising. Weather gurus are predicting snow this week. Wonderful!Every day I flip to the back of the paper. First things first the weather.On Saturday, forecasters promised snow showers. I never saw them. In fact, gazing up at the sky expectantly that night, I saw stars instead.So far this season, the predictions have been a bit over optimistic. All the promised snow falls elsewhere … places that really need snow, like Denver. The weather page, it seems, needs a bit of translation.• Flurries possible: Nada. Not even a dusting.• Isolated snow showers: If you’re lucky? Maybe a few flakes … once every few hours.• Mountain snow showers: An inch, tops. And, only if you’ve been doing your snow dance and praying to the weather gods. Otherwise, the storm will bless Denver instead.• Off and on snow showers: Worse than “isolated snow showers.” Forget about it, not happening.• Less likely to snow: Not going to snow.This week, the forecast includes all of the above. My prediction? No new snow – not even a dusting.But, perhaps by the time this goes to print, the sky will be unloading fresh powder on the slopes, just to spite me.Come on weather gods: Make my day.