In the Tent: Aspalooza a huge success |

In the Tent: Aspalooza a huge success

Carolyn SackariasonThe Aspen TimesAspen, CO Colorado

ASPEN The beauty of living in Aspen is that your back yard is the White River National Forest.So camping at Difficult Campground last weekend for the third annual Aspalooza bash was more than convenient, seeing as though I live only five miles down the road.Aspalooza, organized by party planning extraordinaires Ellen and Jeff Winter, and Trent Ohman, the founders of the extravaganza, is three days of pure party. There is no exercise, wilderness exploration or getting closer to nature involved with this trip. This is all about F-U-N.A group of about 50 locals friends and strangers bonded together over the weekend to eat hamburgers, hot dogs and smores, and drink a lot of beer. Festivities began early Friday and by Saturday afternoon, the third keg was tapped out. Onto the Pabst Blue Ribbon and Bud Light cans.Most of these people hail from my home state of Minnesota, so they know how to throw down in the wilderness, car camping style. But the Jello shots, Jack Daniels, Patron and keg beer proved to be too much for this 40-year-old (I didnt even hear the massive mountain rainstorm Friday night). But when I awoke Saturday morning, I felt like the freight train from the storm ran me over. I couldnt shake the vision of French toast, bacon and a hot tub in the comfort of my home down the road. I bolted out of the tent, and went home for some R&R and some quality time watching the Olympics from the couch.I returned later in the afternoon to find that I had missed the opening ceremony of the Aspalooza games. I heard that it started with Jeff carrying a torch (a flaming piece of paper) around the campsite.Organized teams, whose individual players all had their respective Olympic names Nancy Kerrigan, Tonya Harding, Michael Phelps, etc. sang the opening ceremony song and the games of Fricket Frisbee, Beer Pong, Event Shooting and Ball Ringer began. Hours of competition ensued with the Twins baseball game playing from a car stereo in the background.But I was in time for the infamous game of Flip Cup. If you dont know what it is, you dont know what you are missing.All in all, Aspalooza was a great success. I look for forward to the fourth