In the Saddle: Bike ransom |

In the Saddle: Bike ransom

Nate Peterson
The Aspen Times
Aspen CO, Colorado

ASPEN ” You know who you are. You know what you did. You stole my bike.

You stole it 10 feet from where I sleep. When I was away for the night. When no one was looking.

My bike.

The only one I own. The one I paid for nine years ago with money from my high school graduation and lawn-mowing jobs. The bike that I rode all through college. The bike that I took to work every day in the spring, summer and fall.

To you, I’m sure it’s just a dumb bike.

Something to steal on a lark. Or maybe take for a drunken joy ride on a Saturday night.

Either way, I hope you read this and know that the GT with the shiny chrome frame and the peeling red and white stickers that you so callously stole was much more than just a bike to the person who owned it.

I don’t want a new bike. I don’t need a new bike. I want my old one back. That, and the peace of mind that I used to feel before I came home last week to discover that I’d been robbed.

I thought this was a place where you could feel comfortable leaving the door to your apartment unlocked. A place where you didn’t worry about someone taking your bike right outside your front door.

Lately, I’ve been locking my door. I’ve also been looking around town for my bike, thinking that you might have just ditched it somewhere and it would turn up.

My friends have been looking also. And, now, after reading this, lots of other people will be looking for it, too, I’m sure.

I’m guessing you took my bike because you figured it was easy pickings. You figured the rap would never catch up to you. That’s not the case, anymore. If I can’t enjoy my bike, then I don’t want you enjoying it, either.

Just consider that thing cursed now. Know that every time you ride it, or have it out in the open, there’s people looking for that bike, ready to expose you as the thief you are.

If I were you, I’d just put it back where you found it. That, or put it in the back alley of The Aspen Times, no questions asked.

That way, we both can have some peace of mind.

Any information about the whereabouts of Nate’s bike can be e-mailed to


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