In the saddle: All spun out |

In the saddle: All spun out

Janet Urquhart
The Aspen Times
Aspen CO Colorado

BASALT – I tend to shy away from organized exercise, sort of like I do organized religion, preferring instead a more solitary approach to self-betterment. But, the weather this spring has been generally dismal and opportunities to get on my bike almost nonexistent.

Hence, I guess, my decision to try a 5:30 a.m. spin class in Basalt. It was either that or an aerobic dance-type ordeal, but that takes place under the harsh glare of florescent bulbs, in front of wall of mirrors. Everyone would see that I’m rhythmically challenged and that I went right when everyone was supposed to sashay left.

Thankfully, spin class takes place in the dark, though I did have to settle for a front-row bike in the dim, but full view, of the chipper instructor. I was winded before the warm-up was over, though I couldn’t help notice my legs were barely moving, while the rest of the über-fit class was spinning at a blurred pace.

Nearly 60 minutes of torture ensued. We were either sitting in the saddle or standing up, the latter a welcome release from the anatomy-numbing seat. Often, we were directed to crank down on the resistance to make pedaling more difficult. I nudged up my dial imperceptibly. Sometimes, I didn’t actually move it at all and, about half-way through the class, dropped all pretense of adjusting it. The only problem was, when everyone else eased up for a break, I was already on one.

“Challenge yourself!” our instructor barked at one point. I’m pretty sure she was looking at me.

I was tempted to dismount and slink out in sweat-soaked shame, but I knew I’d be forever banished to the outer room to pedal a stationary bike at my usual, languid crawl.

The next class is Wednesday. I’m hoping to have my second wind by then.

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