In the Saddle: Absent-minded dummies club |

In the Saddle: Absent-minded dummies club

Several weeks ago, I did a very dumb thing.With a bike mounted on top of the car, I drove straight into our garage. I heard a spine-tingling screech as the front of my Santa Cruz mountain bike hit the building. I don’t know how long it took for me to register the mistake, hit the brakes and put the car in reverse, but the screeching continued throughout. My kids took devilish delight in the profanities that escaped my lips.”Daddy, why did you say —-?””Because Daddy just did a —-in’ dumb thing, that’s why.”The Yakima tray that carries the bike acquired a new arcing shape, but the front shock of the bike took the brunt of the damage, blowing apart completely under thousands of pounds of odd horizontal pressure.As I told the story to friends and acquaintances, I found that nearly everyone I know with a garage has done the same thing. Others, who never quite reached the garage, accomplished the same feat in carports and drive-through fast-food joints. We’re all part of an unnamed club for absent-minded dummies.But really that’s not why I wrote this thing. I wrote this to say thanks to the guys at Ajax Bike and Sport in Basalt, who kept me riding despite my goof-up.When I first walked into the shop, I must have let it slip that I wanted to ride the following weekend. Tino, who helped me out, clearly heard my plea and tried to ensure that I made it to Fruita as planned (I didn’t, but that’s another story). When the Marzocchi fork wasn’t delivered on time, he threw on a used shock as a substitute and said he’d call me when the Marzocchi came in. I rode twice on that used shock and had a ball.When it later turned out the Marzocchi had been discontinued, he apologized and suggested a comparable Rock Shox fork that was actually a few bucks cheaper. All along, his aim was to get me back in the saddle with the right shock, and not to sell me an overpriced component.Plus, he never made me feel like a knucklehead for ramming my bike into the —-in’ garage.

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