In the saddle: A slow start |

In the saddle: A slow start

Nate Peterson

The transition from the ski season to the offseason hasn’t gone as smoothly as I’d hoped. On Tuesday when I grabbed my mountain bike out of my storage space for the first ride of the season, I discovered a flat tire.On Thursday I hit the pool for the first time in about five or six months. After about 12 minutes of laps, I hit the wall. Not the wall at the end of my lap lane – thankfully I avoided that. What I couldn’t avoid is that I am seriously out of shape.My first run in at least a month last Tuesday gave me a clue, then the pool spelled it out for me in big, fat, shimmering letters.It’s OK. Now that I can’t go snowboarding every day, I’ve got plenty of time to get the bike tuned and the lungs back in peak form.In fact, it feels like I have too much time lately. During the ski season, it feels like the exact opposite -and the only way to make more time is to lose sleep.As the adage goes, you can sleep when you’re dead. For ski towns, the more appropriate thing to say might be: You can sleep when the lifts stop running in April.I know I certainly have. Every day this week I haven’t gotten out of bed before 10 a.m.And even that feels like I’m rushing things, considering I usually don’t go to sleep before 1.I know things will pick up again soon when the summer season starts up in full, but right now I’m really enjoying the respite.I’m reading more. I actually have time to work out every day. I’ve been cooking dinner, too, instead of ordering takeout from the J-Bar or eating reheated spaghetti.The end of the ski season can be tough to swallow, but now that it is finally here, I’m slowly getting accustomed to the change of pace.However, I am in a rush to fix that damn tire.

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