In support of the Limelite |

In support of the Limelite

Dear Editor:The Shining Stars Foundation would like to proclaim our support for the redevelopment of the Limelite Lodge. The Limelite Lodge is one of the last family-owned businesses in the downtown Aspen area and deserves our attention. They have partnered with us and so many other youth groups over the years, providing one of the last resources for affordable lodging available to groups that bring big business into the Aspen community. For over 45 years, the Limelite Lodge has actively supported housing the support staff of diverse groups such as HBO, ESPN X Games, rugby festival, Jazz Aspen, Belly Up entertainers, not to mention the Shining Stars Foundation.Allowing for the redevelopment of the Limelite Lodge allows this family to continue their community philanthropy, while at the same time helping them strive to be competitive in the volatile housing marketplace by tastefully updating their outdated (maintenance needy) structure. Downtown Aspen benefits from this enhancement with a fresh new building continuing its beautiful landscape. Please take a minute to acknowledge the importance of the Limelite Lodge to the community of Aspen and focus upon the positive enrichment of something that will benefit the majority. Kathy GingeryShining Stars FoundationAspen

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