In support of PETA |

In support of PETA

Dear Editor:

I have become aware of the excellent ruling by Judge Chuck Buss, requiring Craig Miller, who admitted to illegally baiting and killing a black bear, to donate money to PETA in lieu of community service. I find that this is a most fitting sentence, indeed. (If readers do read the rest of his ruling, they will see that it was not the only fine or punishment Mr. Miller received.)

The editorial which claims that the ruling had “no relevance” is very surprising and appears uninformed (“Ruling bears no relevance,” Oct. 17).

Yes, there are many fine wildlife and animal protection organizations, of course. However, PETA has for decades worked tirelessly across a wide range of issues. PETA works to protect ALL animals from abuse and exploitation, and actively opposes hunting. One of the many reasons for that campaign is that hunting, like the crime which Mr. Miller committed, leaves cubs orphaned to starve to death.

As one of their many outreach and public education programs, PETA also educates people about non-violent ways of controlling wildlife, including bears.

While a monetary donation can’t erase how the bear Craig Miller killed suffered, it is a step in the right direction. Perhaps Mr. Miller, his associates and family, will think twice before committing senseless acts of violence and waste in the future. At the very least, if it doesn’t stop him from hunting, perhaps he will use his rights more responsibly.

PETA is an excellent beneficiary of this ruling, and I applaud Judge Buss. Would that we had more judges like him.

Francesca C. Howell


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