In support of Mr. Waddick |

In support of Mr. Waddick

Dear Editor:I am a student a Basalt High School. I don’t really get ticked off easily, but one thing I can’t stand is a poor decision. Recently, the talk of the school is the ever-so-controversial Bill Miller. The worst thing is to take time away from our learning with some lame lawsuit.I’m talking about the incident where our principal “pushed” Bill Mill. But to sue him for $100,000 is flat out disgusting. And now I heard that Bill Mill is threatening the BHS Longhorn Stampede because of the article written in the newest edition. But back to the initial scandal, to take money from Mr. Waddick is like taking candy from a baby. Not saying that it’s easy, but it is just wrong. I know Mr. Waddick very well and he is the best administrator that I know who ever walked through the doors of Basalt High. He does not deserve to be “shot down.” All I want the public to know what a great guy Mr. Waddick is and how essential he is to our school. So I better watch out at school tomorrow because I might get sued.Matt HobbsCarbondale

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