In support of Limelite |

In support of Limelite

Dear Editor:My wife, Ruth and I wholeheartedly support the Limelite project. The Ute Mountaineer and the Limelite Lodge both occupy the same business niche in Aspen and, as a result, we send each other business and we have watched each other’s businesses overcome various challenges over the years. I would say that we both target the mid-range of the Aspen demographic in terms of visitor spending.Aspen has experienced attrition in visitor beds over the last decade or so, getting hit particularly hard in the aforementioned mid-range. At the Ute, we have followed this phenomenon with concern from two perspectives. First, less visitors walking by our door means less business regardless of socio-economic background. Second, and more disturbing, fewer of our target customer is even harder on our sales.The Limelite project offers more beds for Aspen, particularly at a price that is not being addressed well by the lodging community at present. And the rooms are certainly more reliable in the market than a timeshare format. It is my understanding that hotels typically experience higher occupancy levels than timeshares.The Paas family has been in the lodging business for many years and has a reliable, predictable, quality product. They have a history of community involvement which I bring up not to imply that they should be rewarded by Aspen supporting this project, but to simply say that between their history in lodging and serving Aspen there is a high level of comfort in the outcome of their commitment.We hope that you will give the project your full support.Bob and Ruth WadeAspen

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