In support of light rail |

In support of light rail

Dear Editor:I continue to be concerned about the threatened and very disturbing possibility of a straight shot and four-lane highway across the Marolt Open Space. My understanding is that Rachel Richards supports the Entrance to Aspen Alternative: light rail.Light rail would be a hard-fought battle, and there are a myriad of related issues to be discussed, but if anything is going to be done, light rail seems a better alternative than spending many, many millions of dollars on a four-lane highway and tunnel through open space to ostensibly hasten the arrival and departure of more cars and trucks than this little town will ever be able to accommodate.We must ask the question, “How much estimated time will be saved, and at what cost? Maybe this Wednesday night’s squirm night at Paepcke Auditorium will give us some answers. In any case, I’m voting for Rachel Richards because she has thought about this issue for years and, I believe, will listen to the citizens.Betty FarsonAspen

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