In support of Evans |

In support of Evans

Dear Editor:

Kudos to Jeffrey Evans for his persistence in attempting to resolve the Entrance to Aspen problem. Debate over this problem began nearly 40 years ago in 1968. If strong opposition had not arisen at that time, State Highway 82 travelers would have long since been enjoying a safe and efficient solution.

Opponents argued then and do now that completing the four-lane into Aspen would promote more growth. What they overlook is that Aspen is essentially on a dead-end road, eliminating the possibility of generation of new traffic due to improvement of the facility. Aspen has always been “the” place to visit and “the” place to live regardless of what kind of road serves it. In 1970, opponents to four-laning claimed that would trigger more growth, but Aspen grew over the following years despite being served by a horribly unsafe and congested highway.

If any level-headed people live in Aspen, they should actively support Mr. Evans in his effort.

Dick Prosence


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