In support of drug raid |

In support of drug raid

Dear Editor:I feel that I must speak out in support of the drug raid.I want to remind the sheriff that cocaine is an illegal substance, and enforcement should be pursued more in his jurisdiction. I remind the community that it is a dangerous substance and not just a “party drug.”What message are we sending to our children when we say a drug raid was wrong? I have lived in this community for many years, and I am saddened by Aspen’s and Pitkin County’s weak stance on drugs. Unfortunately, instead of supporting the actions taken against drugs, we send the message that drug enforcement is not supported and we want to be known as a drug-friendly community. In closing, I firmly trust our police officers’ judgment to have their guns ready. They have to be ready for anything. I bet their guns were for the protection of others more than themselves. They are police officers that are highly trained in when and where to use guns. I know these officers. They are not gun-happy; rather they are peaceful and drug-free happy!Good job on a safe and successful raid.Jannette MurisonAspen

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