In support of 1A |

In support of 1A

Dear Editor:It takes a village. And now is the moment for the village to work together to pass the Energy Smart Loan Program – Referendum 1A. The program will give Pitkin County the authority to issue fixed interest loans for renewable energy and energy efficiency measures on commercial and residential properties. This is a voluntary program that does not raise taxes and is a tremendous benefit to the community. It saves on utility bills, keeps the financial obligation with the property not the person, and creates jobs while reducing the carbon footprint of our valley. We need your help to be sure to mail in your ballot (it is a mail-in ballot election only) in time to be received before Nov. 3, and if you are a Pitkin County voter who has not yet received your ballot by Oct. 22 please call the clerk’s office at 429-2713. It takes a village and we can get this thing done!Ruthie BrownAspen

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