In Seth’s defense |

In Seth’s defense

Dear Editor:

In response to Lara-Anne Stokes’ and Genna Collins’ letter to the editor “Saddened at the Shelter” (Aspen Times, Aug. 12):

I was not present when you visited the animal shelter, so I really can’t comment on what you said happened to you, but I’ve been volunteering at the shelter and walking dogs there for five years. It has always been my personal (female) experience and observation that Seth bends over backward to please both humans and animals. He takes very seriously his responsibility to the dogs and cats put in his care and tries very hard to match up the personalities of each dog and dog walker, as well as make the matter of safety for each a big priority.

I’m sure if you would talk this matter over with Seth, you could all work out something that benefits both of you and the animals.

Ricki Newman


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