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In response to responses

Dear Editor:

Opinions are like aspenholes, everyone has one! First Amendment is a diamond in the rough of septic waste our country is presently wading in. I am compelled to defend my character from those that know me not!

Dear Joanna Smith, Your letter “In response to Norman” was nothing more than a slanderous, false labeling request asking me to cease First Amendment exercise. No, I won’t stop expressing my views and opinions via letters. Publicly printed expression of opinion is no arena for libelous defamation of another individual. You label me a “shortsighted, narcissistic, inferiority-complex suffering individual with a sad outlook” in your response. Then apologetically say you’re “sorry” three times in the letter.

Sorry by definition: “(adj.) 1. feeling distressed/regretful, a polite request that someone should repeat something that one has failed to hear or understand. 2. in a poor or pitiful state or condition.” Unlike you, I’m not “sorry” for my opinions, and express them without the need to label someone whom I have never met.

You say, “Don’t look at yourself quite so much, John. You can lift up that head of yours.”

Question: How can an inferior-narcissistic person (like me) vainly look at myself so much if my head is not “up” and looking in a mirror? At least my head is not up my ass like so many others!

Fact: Krabloonik’s operation is flawed and neglectful. What started in 1974 with 55 dogs became excessively oversized 260-plus dogs that went unchecked until recently. You/we overlooked and allowed it to become the conundrum it presently is!

And Joanna, I humorously refer to myself as, “meager downvalley peasant, or downvalley trash” often. It is no excuse! I chose to move to Bonedale, with my dog, and own something rather then pay excessive rent upvalley. Again, I’m not “sorry”!

Dear Ruth Harrison, I believe you missed the follow up letter in which I concurred there were problems, and flaws in the dog sled operation. I also stated the joy I receive from stirring the opinionated letters pot of the valley! Have you been out of town or what? That was a month ago! Abuse is building a new bridge with taxpayer dollars and herding us non-bus riding commuters into one lane each direction. I witness that abuse daily! Does witnessing it make it OK, Ruth?

You do know there is a presidential election going on? McCain can’t speak a sentence without reading from a card! And the retard in the oval office wants $10,000 per household to pony up the $700 billion to bail out the jackass banks and lenders issuing short-term ARM, interest only, no money down, sub-prime, loans for profits of a bullish economy that lead us to the septic tank we now wade in! Sweeeeeet!

My last two cents on Krabloonik: request/mandate they scale down both size and number of dogs in their operation to a more manageable scale. Operate for a stated period of time without any legal violations, discrepancies, or neglectful care of the dogs. Give them a Town of Snowmass guideline “Humanitarian Guides of Operation for Businesses involving Animals” or something, pass it in a town council vote and hold ’em to it! Then we can write letters about other issues in life. Enjoy your day!

John Norman


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