In need of a new revolution |

In need of a new revolution

Dear Editor: I am appalled by the Supreme Court. This legal body is supposed to uphold the Constitution of the United States, which says that those legislative powers not specifically granted to Congress are reserved to the states. What are six people on this court doing by saying that Congress may ban medical marijuana, even in the 11 states that have already legalized it? The justices are perverting principles. Right and left, they are overturning rights – states’ rights and the rights of American citizens. The justices are practicing medicine without a license. They are claiming to know more than scientists do about a medical issue. Sounds a lot like that medieval conflict between the Catholic Church and Galileo. Do we have to repeat the past 500 years to discover again that neither the law nor religion can make science into what the law or religion wants it to be? The legal governing body of the time (the Church) said the sun revolved around the earth because the earth was the center of the universe. Galileo, a scientist, said the earth revolved around the sun. He was excommunicated and made a criminal. In the end, Galileo was right and the Church was wrong. There was a gleeful note in a broadcaster’s voice when he reported that the 6-3 decision is the first step to stopping the movement to legalize drugs. I don’t usually think in terms of vast conspiracies, but on this issue, I suspect there might be one. I think that somewhere a company is developing a commercial drug that will do what marijuana does naturally. Pharmaceutical companies are the biggest drug pushers in the world – just look at TV commercials any night of the week. So why wouldn’t a drug company go after the profits to be made from a commercial version of pot? After all, the bottom line is everything, isn’t it? The justices are acting like a Big Daddy who wants to control everything his children do. But American citizens are not the government’s children. People control government, not the other way around. Adults are capable of making the necessary choices, in consultation with physicians, about their own health issues. It’s not part of the government’s job description to do that for them. The court’s decision doesn’t affect me with regard to pot. But it does affect me as an American. When the Supreme Court is this power hungry, who knows what it will seek to ban next? Pot should be legally available to those who need it and who get it with a medical prescription. We must not pervert freedom in order to control people’s behaviors. To control all behavior, we would have to spend all our energy and every dollar watching every action taken by every single person. Wait a minute! That’s already happening. This country is in serious need of a new American Revolution.LinelleAspen