In memory of a mine disaster |

In memory of a mine disaster

Dear Editor:

Drove to P-town with my husband, Bob.

Passed through Somerset.

It’s Memorial Day.

There’s not much visible action at the mine.

Do they have the day off, or is it an illusion?

Coal train’s heading down the tracks.

No explosions at this mine.

That’s what shut down the Dutch Creek mine in Carbondale in 1981.

The miners were making lots of money.

Hand over fist.

Kids had toys, lived in a big house.

Dad drove a big new truck.

Men wore mascara, or so it seemed.

On April 15, 1981, an explosion shook the ground.

15 men never came home again.

Bob was in high school.

He remembered his friends.

What could you say but cry with them?

Vigils gathered in Sopris Park

Standing room only, people crowded together.

Candles, crying, community.

Stacy Stein