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In here vs. out there

Dear Editor:

It doesn’t matter what you did out there, it’s how you are here in Aspen that matters to us Aspenites. We have had this unspoken code here that says: Leave the celebrities alone, we don’t ask for autographs in restaurants or point and squeal with awe when they walk our streets.

Many people, whose behavior and business practices we might not tolerate on the outside, we tend to overlook once they are within our hallowed valley. We’re too diplomatic to call someone to the fore for their actions out there. So, it has been in bad taste that the Wyly’s Swift Boat support has been brought up. They’re good people in here, they’ve given lots of money to our animal shelter.

I think it would have been best if Mrs. Wyly had let things die down rather then respond. Werner Erhardt used to say that after three days, newspapers are only good to wrap up the trash. But Mrs. Wyly said a few things in response to some of the criticisms that I believe need to be addressed.

No. 1: I would have liked to see Mrs. Wyly acknowledge her or her husband’s support of the Swift Boat campaign ads. Hey, we did that. Though many of us may think those ads were despicable and the lowest of attempts to dishonor Sen. Kerry, I defend her right to have her own beliefs and to stand by them. If she regrets her support for President Bush, I’ll honor that, too.

No. 2: Her comment that the election’s over is the other issue. The election may be over, but its aftermath is not. We, as a country, are involved in another “dirty little war.” We have a criminal moron as our leader. Our country, our beloved America, is dirty, and we are still headed in the direction we are going. I’m saddened by it all. It’s not over. We need some serious course correction.

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