In Gray’s own words… |

In Gray’s own words…

Dear Editor:It was a little distressing to read Harvie Branscom’s letter about all the dialogue taking place in the papers concerning the situation in the Middle East and his interpretations of what I had to say.I only expressed the opinion that letters do little good in clarifying situations such as these. He seemed to think I wanted to abolish the First Amendment. I certainly have no quarrel with anyone expressing their opinion on any subject in letters to the editor, that’s what they’re for.However, when letters go beyond opinion and into facts that are often only half-truths and sometimes totally wrong, then I believe that’s not their purpose. It would be great if people would read these kinds of letters (mine and Ms. Gray’s and everyone else’s), and then, if they have a real interest in discovering the truth, do more in-depth research to justify whatever conclusion they reach.If Ms. Gray’s letters seem “calm and reasoned” to Mr. Branscomb and “seem to fit the facts,” then those of us who have tried to respond to her continuous and often erroneous assault on Israel have failed miserably to do our job, which is to level the playing field.”An open airing of the full facts” that he suggests is fine. We just need to make sure they’re facts. I did get the impression from his letter, however, that he is more interested in supporting her position than in getting a real understanding of what’s happening over there.As for Ms. Gray’s recent letters it is interesting to note some of her phrasing. “Suspected suicide bombers?” Their blown-up bodies pretty much proves what they were. “Israeli Jews live in ease and comfort.” Yes they do, the same way that folks in London and Madrid now do. There is something very wrong with a situation that causes people, any people, to be afraid to ride a bus or send their kids out for a pizza. She acknowledges that the Arabs want to destroy Israel, but her attitude seems to be, so what, they are able to defend themselves. Our country is also facing the onslaught of terrorism, and yes, we too are capable of defending ourselves, but, we shouldn’t need to do that any more than the Israelis. We, including of course the Palestinians, should all be entitled to live in peace. However, pacifying terrorists (“modifying our policies”) as Ms. Gray suggests is not the way to get there. People of good will understand that there are nearly always two sides to every issue, and peaceful discussion and compromise are the only way civilized people should resolve their differences.Mr. Branscomb, getting back to your letter, I am not trying to carry on a conversation with Ms. Gray. I am trying to tell anyone who reads and takes seriously what she says to look a little deeper for the truth. She mentions in one letter all of the things her friends, family and clients call her, “bigoted, biased, anti-Semitic, misguided, racist, mean-spirited, one-sided, close-minded, prejudiced and ignorant.” I believe that pretty well covers it.Buster FeldmanAspen

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