In defense of Tom Farrell |

In defense of Tom Farrell

I am very disheartened by what I heard at the most recent school board meeting on Tuesday night.

A group of parents, a lynch mob in my opinion, is gunning for Tom Farrell. The group keeps saying that they “care deeply for the students of the Aspen School District,” and this, they say, is why they wish to unseat Tom as superintendent.

I have worked with Tom Farrell, as his administrative assistant, for 14 years. If these people really knew Tom Farrell, they would know that caring deeply for the students of the Aspen School District is what Tom Farrell is about.

If there is any doubt about this, one only needs to wander into Aspen High School and ask how they feel about their superintendent.

I find it interesting that this group waited until the middle of Tom’s sabbatical to attempt this witch hunt. If this group really wanted positive change, they would have addressed Tom while he was here.

Vicki Johnson


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