In defense of Ryerson |

In defense of Ryerson

I wanted to write to publicly support Loren Ryerson and the city police department during this big to-do being brandished around as “kids’ rights being trampled on.”

I have known Loren as a dad for some time now, and have found him to be a conscientious, level-headed, honest and caring parent. I trust Loren to care for both our rights as citizens and the safety of our community.

I may, or may not agree with the law about 18 years vs. 21 years – but the law is that they are not allowed to drink. I don’t know the facts behind this case – just what I read in the paper, but I do know that 18-year-olds are often kids that can benefit from a wake-up call when they get to see first-hand that when Mommy and Daddy aren’t there to lay down the law, the police will be.

I had a similar experience 30-odd years ago, when I was in Aspen High and I still, to this day, count it as one the best things that ever happened to me – rise and shine.

Unfortunately, with some families, the only consequences kids suffer come in some form or the other from the community. I don’t know that to be the case here (and am not implying such), but it seems to me that the police wouldn’t know it either, so they have to assume that the parents aren’t around and do their best to provide a fair remedy for the kids involved and the community.

I’m sure no one was perfect that night (perfection is a difficult standard), but it seems to me that belittling the messenger (in this case, the police) in public is not a great way to make any kind of progress in applying the lessons to be learned in this case to either the police, or the kids and adults involved.

Thank you, Loren, for serving our community in a difficult, and too often thankless, job.

Scott Writer


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