In defense of RFTA

Dear Editor:

In response to Roger Freed’s “dissing” of the Roaring Fork Transportation Agency (“Rudeness at RFTA,” Letters, Nov. 12, The Aspen Times), it should be obvious to anyone who bothered to read it that Freed’s diatribe against RFTA was nothing more than sour grapes.

Freed was a seasonal driver who wasn’t rehired for another winter season for reasons that become obvious when you read his letter. It’s unfortunate that he feels the way he does, but I respectfully disagree with him.

RFTA’s drivers and supervisors are hardworking folks, many of whom haven’t received a raise in more than three years. They battle snowpacked, icy roads at all hours of the day and night to provide safe, reliable transportation to folks who have to travel Highway 82 to get to and from work and to safely bring people home who shouldn’t be driving in the condition they’re in. RFTA has its issues, just like any company that has grown the way RFTA has over the past few years, but the people who work there are dedicated professionals who don’t deserve the treatment that Freed, and some of their less cordial passengers, give them.

RFTA is a well-run transit organization because everyone in the operations department, from the CEO on down, has driven a bus. Admittedly, there are some folks at RFTA who could use an infusion of compassion and better management and customer-service skills, but overall, the company gets the job done and is a good place to work.

There are a lot of people at RFTA who really care and are working to solve the issues that RFTA does have. My advice to anyone who feels the way Freed does is: If you don’t like working there, find another job.

Kevin Stephenson

Glenwood Springs