In defense of Krabloonik |

In defense of Krabloonik

Dear Editor:

It saddens me to see the negative articles and letters written about the Krabloonik Kennel.

Dan MacEachen is one of the more respected sled-dog breeders in the country. He is regularly honored by his peers for his decades of professionalism, and dedication to and promotion of the time-honored tradition of dog sledding. His sleds are made the same way they have been for hundreds of years, and the pulling dogs are raised with the same care and attention to the art.

The inspection by the Colorado Department of Agriculture that occurred last May did not allege any abuse of Krabloonik’s dogs. The dogs that are raised there are world-class athletes; they all have names and are part of the Krabloonik family. They enjoy specific diets depending on the amount of activity and calories burned during any given season. They have specific training regimens, their own chiropractic and veterinary teams, and are in demand by dog breeders around the world for their speed, endurance and personalities.

I suggest there are workers in this valley, human beings, that don’t get the same exercise, nutritional meals and medical care that the four-legged “employee/athletes” at Krabloonik enjoy.

Chew on that!

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Joe Farrell

Snowmass Village