In defense of Bootman |

In defense of Bootman

With reference to El Jebel resident Jeff Heidemann having to pay a boot-removal fee for parking illegally and getting caught, I do understand his frustration. However, being the operator of parking lots in Aspen, and constantly having to deal with people ripping off my clients’ spaces, there is another side to Jeff’s position, a side even more frustrating than his.

Jeff was not parked in my lots. I did find out where he was parked. I went there, looked and saw two “no parking” signs, which were visible and lit up clearly. He said he made an honest mistake and did not see any signs. I take him at his word for this, however, it certainly would have been in his best interest to look around a bit; “ignorance of the law is no excuse.”

His letter making personal derogatory references to the Bootman was extremely low and a further example of Jeff not taking responsibility for his actions. The bottom line, plain and simple, is that Jeff was wrong.

The Bootman provides a necessary service that pleases and protects far more people than are agonized. He was just doing his job. A job he would not have if it were not for some people disregarding the property rights of others. The only alternative to protecting these rights is to have cars towed away. This would have cost Jeff considerably more than the boot fee, not to mention the inconvenience. I suggest that Jeff consider the fact and count his blessings that he was only booted and not towed.

Hopefully Jeff will be more aware next time and not gamble on where he parks. Merry Christmas.

Don Lemos


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