In defense of bartenders |

In defense of bartenders

Dear Editor:

I am writing in response to Ms. Barrett’s “Hot Spicy and Rude” letter published on March 26. I am greatly disappointed to hear that she had such a miserable time at the Cigar Bar for her friend’s birthday. As a frequent guest of Eric’s and the Cigar Bar myself, I must say I have never been treated poorly or in a rude manner. But I can tell you one thing, I always tip.

Ms. Barrett may have thought the bartender was rude and I am sure she is apologetic for that, but I can be certain that she was quite offended herself when Ms. Barrett continuously refused to tip her. Ms. Barrett was admittedly “tipsy” so perhaps she was mistaken when she took her shot of Tabasco sauce. It is my understanding that a Prairie Fire shot has tequila in it along with the Tabasco sauce. She asked for a free birthday shot and that is what she was given, was she not?

She may not think it is compulsory to tip, but here in the States that is how we survive in the service industry. If she was actually a bartender, as she claimed to be, then wouldn’t she know that? No actual bartender tips “almost always” or “gives a small token of appreciation” and EVERY bartender in Aspen tips EVERY single time they buy a drink, if not more! On that same example, a real bartender knows better than to walk into a bar and ask for a free drink in Aspen at the end of March, especially after not leaving a tip.

My suggestion to her from here on out would be to stop telling people she has been a bartender because those of us that work hard season after season do not deserve to be associated with people like her. We work hard at what we do and it is because of those individuals that choose not to tip that our job is a challenge. Many of the bartenders in Aspen have been at their jobs for many years and have always tried to make their guests feel at home. My only hope is that everyone, including Ms. Barrett, will respect the hard work that these individuals put forth to make their guests dining experience a pleasurable one.

I wish Ms. Barrett the best of luck in trying to order a drink in this town again.

Kalyn Bean



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