In defense of Aspen police |

In defense of Aspen police

Dear Editor:As a former property manager of the Aspen Country Inn, I would like to mention that on each and every occasion that I contacted the Aspen police regarding Bill Seawell, they took action to attempt to catch the drug dealing in progress. They went so far as to set up a night sting from my office, which was adjacent to Mr. Seawell’s apartment. On numerous other occasions, their response was not in time, but that is only to be expected inasmuch as drug deals don’t take very long. The failure to actually catch Bill in flagrante delicto was not for a lack of trying. Furthermore, their efforts to resolve resident issues, neighbor issues, trespassing issues and a host of the other nonsense that arises in any place where humans reside, repeatedly earned my admiration, respect and frequent thanks. They have always been professional, measured, intelligent and available. Suggestions to the contrary are simply incorrect.Brian NardoneAspen

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