In awe of our firefighters |

In awe of our firefighters

My wife and I would like to express our profound thanks and admiration to all of those firefighters who participated in fighting the Panorama fire.

Our log house that is located on Spring Park Reservoir still stands due to the valiant and brave efforts of those men and women who put their lives on the line during that tragic event.

As one eyewitness told us, “They fought the fire from your front porch as though their own children were inside.” We are deeply humbled and in awe of their efforts.

We are going to make every effort to meet as many of these firefighters as possible and thank them in person for the wonderful job they did in containing this fire and saving the property of so many in our community.

I am also going to make donations to the funds which help these men and women do the job we so often take for granted. We encourage all of you in our community to do the same.

John and Jennifer Randle

Missouri Heights

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