In an Aspen frame of mind |

In an Aspen frame of mind

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:

Aspen is a frame of mind. Please allow me to explain. As of Feb. 3, I have been on this earth, in this lifetime, for 78 years, and on most occasions, I can detach and observe.

This is what I see: All creation is moving toward universal peace, even the terrorists are helping, by causing us to really care for each other and the earth. When they realize that we are all a part of each other, hopefully, they will join the rest of humanity in the quest for peace.

However, in the meantime, let’s establish an international registry for the unemployed, to match with employment that would create positions to keep each country safe, friendly and clean.

No employment is meaningless and each position could generate well-being for others. When I attended high school in Aspen in the ’40s, we were excused from our classes in the autumn to help the local farmers harvest their potatoes.

When Aspen first started, there was no such thing as “class consciousness.” Everyone knew they were just as good as everyone else. In the restaurants the help would visit with the clientele. Most of the dishwashers had Ph.D.s (who knew!). However, this didn’t matter because we appreciated each other’s uniqueness. Gary Cooper and other visitors went fishing, etc., with us; persons were also left alone if they wished.

Aspen is a neat place to play! In the winter, one city block was plowed by the city of Aspen; we placed newspapers on the ground and the Aspen Volunteer Fire Department sprayed the area with water so we could ice skate, under a sky full of stars, to Strauss waltz records played by Jim Snyder.

Everyone was welcome and they knew it. All persons are evolving to the Aspen frame of mind because world events dictate it!

Eloise Ilgen