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Improvement now

Dear Editor:

I am responding to Shellie Roy’s letter of Sept. 13, wherein she talks about the S-curves being a dam that backs up water into a lake. She states that “the direct alignment will keep the flow moving at Main Street’s 25 mph because it does not have to slow down [from 25 mph] to go through the winding narrows called the S-curves.”

Shellie neglects to mention that there is a REQUIRED traffic light at Seventh and Main because of the discontinuation of Highway 82 between Cemetery Lane and the roundabout in any of the Straight-Shot scenarios! Talk about a dam! That will back up traffic worse than now.

Better yet, REMOVE the traffic lights all the way to the airport. Improvement now. When one is sitting still in the S-curves waiting for the Cemetery Light to change, I don’t think the design speed of the S-curves is the problem. Either Shellie is trying to mislead us or she is severely mistaken; an additional traffic light at Seventh and Main and a Straight-Shot will only serve to worsen what exists now at a steep cost and take many years to implement, to say nothing of the destruction of the Marolt Open Space, the historical resources out there and our small-town character!

CDOT has stated that there is not enough room at Seventh and Main for a roundabout, as there is at Cemetery Lane and Truscott. I agree; it is time to get up and get moving. We need Improvement now, and the current City Council has just authorized such a study. Thankfully, someone sees the light at the end of the tunnel.

Anna Maria Dulaney