Improved wildlife viewing |

Improved wildlife viewing

Dear Editor:I have to admit that the new trail across the river has greatly improved my wildlife viewing. The animals I used to watch through binoculars at a great distance are now in my front yard. I’ve seen the biggest bucks I’ve ever seen in velvet. These are the wise old ones that are rarely seen even from a distance, wandering nervously around my front yard. Yesterday my downstream neighbor called excitedly, wanting my help in identifying a large black weasel-like critter his dogs had just chased out of their backyard.Today, this mink took up residence in my front yard. I’ve been keeping my dogs inside and watching his playful antics chasing the trout in my pond. I’ve never had the opportunity to watch them so close up and didn’t realize what great swimmers they are. While I really enjoy all my new company, I can’t help but wonder where they used to live.Jim DukeCrown MountainCarbondale