Impressive acting in ‘Juvie’ |

Impressive acting in ‘Juvie’

Al Lyons
Aspen Theatre in the Park

I want to express my appreciation and congratulations to the Aspen High School drama students who presented the play “Juvie” this past Wednesday.

By portraying the challenges faced by teenagers in the juvenile detention system, the actors and director dealt with a serious and painful issue in an honest and profound manner.

What was most impressive was the commitment each one of the 16 actors made to put themselves into the lives of the real-life teenagers they portrayed. The audience became deeply aware of the effort each actor made to understand the struggles and background of these young adults who are faced with growing up and transgressing the bounds of the adult world of law ” and the thin line that can exist between typical, rebellious teenage behavior and criminal activity.

We could also see that each actor found parts of themselves to identify with their character, making the experience even more moving. The fact that each actor also effortlessly fit within the ensemble presentation is a tribute to their abilities and direction. It felt like a company of actors, not just individual performances.

Thank you for tackling such a difficult and important topic and reminding us what a powerful medium theater can be. I look forward to you next efforts!