Impressed by the clean election process |

Impressed by the clean election process

Dear Editor:

I just want to say what a privilege it has been to run for Aspen City Council and this experience reaffirms my belief that we are the greatest. I have been so impressed with my fellow candidates (Steve, Cliff, Adam, Marcia and LJ) and their love for Aspen and willingness to give so much of themselves to this wonderful place. We all talked about our own ideas and issues, and nobody cracked on any of the other candidates or took cheap shots. The media has been fair, objective and open. And the public, with one notable exception, has been polite, courteous and issue based.

My only disappointment has been with those telling others to not vote. Yes, they say “you have two votes, but you should only vote once.” As a citizen willing to put myself out there and run for office, it is disappointing that there are people out there saying don’t vote for Mr(s). “Anyone but my guy.”

Other than that, this has been the kind of experience I would recommend to anyone. I want to thank everyone for their respectful and genuinely positive approach to this election season and no matter what the results say today, I know that all six of us running for council will continue to work on the issues and do what we can to make Aspen great.

Scott Writer


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