Importing our eyesores |

Importing our eyesores

Dear Editor:

Aspen is like TV. A perfect little world. Our leaders don’t want our tourists to see our homeless or our worker bees.

The Nuttier-Than-a-Fruitcake Award – I could give out a dozen. To send this homeless man to North Dakota – excuse me, we have a booming oil and gas industry as near as Rifle, Parachute and Grand Junction.

For the cost of a one-way ticket to North Dakota we could have bought this man punch passes on RFTA to go back and forth 10 to 20 times from Rifle to Aspen to be able to attend his upcoming court dates and see old friends he has met in Aspen.

Other nuts that fell out of the tree would ask this homeless person to pick of the two: a one-way bus ticket to Hawaii or Guantanamo Bay. If he picks Hawaii, when he gets off the bus in San Diego, he can sink or swim 2,000 miles away. If he picks Guantanamo Bay, when he gets off the bus in Key West he can sink or swim 90 miles away.

I wonder which one he would pick, or the nut pack would pick for him. A no-brainer!

Plus, more pleasure boats, drug-running boats and cargo ships to hitch a ride on to get him there or elsewhere – the Bahamas, Caribbean, South or Central America, etc.

If the Coast Guard got to him first, all he has to do is say he’s from the Taliban and how he hates Aspen, Skico and the U.S.A. I’m sure the Coast Guard would get him to Guantanamo Bay.

Then we could all sleep better knowing he’s somewhere warm, has housing, medical, dental and will be fed. Most important, not an eyesore in Aspen and out of our way. We could have him leave his warm clothes here, because he wouldn’t need them down there.

Dan Kitchen


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