Important lessons in Mexico |

Important lessons in Mexico

Dear Editor:I recently traveled to Mexico with my class and teachers Peter Westcott and Matt Fields. I have read the article about how it is dangerous at the border (Parent: Should Aspen students be sent to war zone?, May 5). It is completely safe. Also the experience is great.We are only in Juarez for a few hours, at the tourist market. The tourist market is very safe. We pull the bus up right in front of the market. (It is a building.) We go inside. All of the adults are paired up with four or five kids. This makes it easy to tell if they get lost. We have to stay with them at all times. There are also lots of police and security throughout the building. Its not like we are wandering through alleys in the middle of the night. Peter and Matt are always taking the reasonable precautions, like when we first got to El Paso, Texas, we got there at about 5:30 a.m. It was still dark. We waited for about an hour and a half until it was light and we could cross the border. I totally disagree with this quote: I honestly would feel safer in front of that wildfire in Carbondale than I would walking around the streets of Juarez, said local firefighter Bob Guion. It is clearly pretty safe; it is no different than New York or Chicago.It is a very fun and helpful trip. I remember coming in to this small town, called Zaragosa. All of the buildings are run down, and most of the windows have been cracked or shattered. None of these people can even afford to have those windows replaced. It is very poor. This is their big city, too. Their big city is half, if not less than, the size of Aspen. It is super poor once you get out to the countryside. There, some of the biggest houses are the sizes of our sheds. We go down there and we give them lots of gifts. They would like to give us lots of gifts also but they can not afford them. They give us stuff they had made, like they gave my parents and I all scarves they had made.We go down there to help them build up their economy. We mostly helped their schools. I met some very good friends from there. The sad part is, I cannot e-mail them or send them mail, because they cannot afford Internet and they also cannot afford to send letters back. It is also a good experience because you get to learn Spanish. Many kids really enjoy the trip, as well as parents. It is a very valuable life experience to see how lucky we are to be so wealthy.Clearly, this is a very good experience that is not dangerous. It is a very safe trip, and it also gives you a good experience to see how the worlds wealth is distributed.Max MaroltAspen