Impeach for peace and freedom |

Impeach for peace and freedom

Dear Editor:This week as General Petraeus gives a report to Congress on the military strategy in Iraq, thousands of Americans are gathering in Washington, D.C., to insist on ending the occupation and to demand the impeachment of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.Because of this administration’s lies to Congress and the American people and their violation of civil liberty, a growing number of U.S. Representatives now support a resolution to impeach.Impeachment is comparable to indictment and is totally feasible because it requires just a majority vote in the Democrat-controlled House. The lower house of the legislature impeaches (brings the indictment) and the upper house conducts the trial. Conviction may be more difficult because it requires ratification by two-thirds of all Senators present. Removal from office is mandated only if there is a conviction.Even without a guarantee of conviction, Americans should demand impeachment be put back on the table. It’s important to send the message to this and future administrations, that the rule of law must be followed and those who break it will be held accountable. Abuse of power and failure to honor their oath to uphold the Constitution will not be tolerated. It would also send a message that the majority of us don’t support this administration or its policies.It’s time for Americans to stand up to over-reaching executive power, illegal spying, torture, destruction of habeus corpus, obstruction of justice and war profiteering. It’s our responsibility to protect our freedom and take back our country from those who are shoving us in the wrong direction.Let’s show Bush and Cheney who the real deciders are!Roaring Fork Peace Coalition Steering Committee:Eve Booth, Jim ChenowethJan and Pat GirardotJohn and Susan GormanSue Gray and Sheila Markowitz


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