Immigration out of control |

Immigration out of control

Ed Marston’s Jan 25-26 commentary tell us that because his parents were immigrants we should keep our borders open. I have long tried to convince him that unless we slow growth, my native Colorado and our nation are doomed.

He does not discuss an obligation to those whose future we are dooming, nor does he discuss what will become of the elk about which Ed Colby wrote in the Jan. 21 Aspen Times.

Marston’s parents, like my friend Petr ? who waited two years in an internment camp to migrate ? entered legally. They were immigrants. The “young woman, babe in arms, wading the Rio Grande” is an illegal alien, not unlike the guy cuffing into line at the supermarket.

Marston errs in referring to the “free market forces of immigration.” The current wave of 2.5 million immigrants a year ? higher by a factor of two than the height of the frontier-era Great Wave and higher by a factor of 12 than in 1965 ? is a government subsidy to cheap-labor advocates.

Nor should Marston perpetuate the myth that illegal aliens only take jobs no one else wants. Unemployment is rising everywhere and remains in excess of 50 percent on many Indian reservations and double digit among young blacks.

I know of software engineers who are unemployed even as businesses import cheaper H1-B visa workers, and I know of maids at $200 and $300 a night hotels who quite happily clean toilets ? they’d just like to earn a living wage doing it.

Most importantly, Americans through a nearly replacement-level birth rate have shown we care about our children’s and our environment’s future. Yet, due mostly to out-of-control immigration, we are booming toward a China-like one billion people, over three times our current population, later this century.

If Colby’s elk are in crisis now due to development pressures, what in God’s name will they do then? In what kind of crowded squalor will our children live? What will become of the beauty of Colorado, New Mexico and all of the rest of our nation?

Kathleen Parker

Los Alamos, N.M.

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