Immigration bill: The politicians aren’t listening |

Immigration bill: The politicians aren’t listening

It’s in the national news today that the sparring Republicans and Democrats are hard at work trying to craft an immigration bill that is palatable to both parties. It’s a funny deal. The parties are sweating out a bill to make the politicians happy, but no one is asking what American voters and citizens think about it. And Americans don’t like it.It’s like environmental issues. Preservation of open space and limiting development get more than 85 percent approval ratings in poll after poll, but politicians of both parties who are lapping at the trough of the development industry’s political lobby routinely ignore the wishes of the American public, and so we’re strangled in overdeveloped gridlock. That’s why the housing market has a surplus of 200,000 unsold units.They’re talking about a bill that will grant amnesty to illegal aliens and put them on a path to citizenship, and a guest worker program. The Democrats love this idea because they think they’ll get the majority of the votes of the poor and disenfranchised and they’ll stay in power. Republican business interests love this idea because they can keep hiring cheap, unskilled labor at wages far below a decent living wage.George Bush is a lackey to American corporate interests, personified in the form of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, an organization that has consistently fought for keeping the minimum wage low and for granting amnesty to illegal immigrants. What a disgusting position to take. Let’s see – we’ll keep wages below poverty level to deprive our own citizens a decent living, and we’ll invite a bunch of illiterate peasants from disease-ridden countries to take their jobs! Why? Because we’ll make higher profits! But we’ll contribute a boatload of money to Republican politicians to make it happen, because that’s democracy at work! Our greenbacks represent our political speech!The Democrats, on the other hand, smelling blood in the water, are enjoying their newfound majorities in Congress, and think they can take over the big kahuna: the presidency and Congress all at once. If they can somehow register several million illegal aliens, they’ll have the prize, and they can push through their bizarre concoction of victimhood, entitlement, political correctness, gay marriage, gun bans and baby-killing all in one fell swoop. Both parties are pandering to anyone but the American public, people like you and me who look around and wonder what happened to the concept of abiding by the law.The FBI recently arrested six Muslim dirtbags who planned to murder as many soldiers at Fort Dix, New Jersey, as they could. Three of them were illegal immigrants, and together they had had 54 contacts with law enforcement. Are you kidding me? And no one cared to ascertain whether these scumbuckets were in the country legally?We’re so afraid of offending someone who speaks English with an accent – or perhaps doesn’t speak English at all – that we simply cannot ask someone to produce documentation that they are in our country legally. That would be “profiling.” Of course it is! That’s the whole point, to find out who’s legal here and who’s not! Start with the ones who don’t speak English! Police all across our country routinely stop, arrest and release thousands of illegal aliens on a daily basis, making no effort at all to determine if an arrestee has legal status to be in our country. The most violent of them eventually go to prison, where illegal aliens make up 30 percent of our prison population. So much for the honest, hardworking immigrant trying to improve his life and better himself, right?The great majority of the American citizenry is sick and tired of our laws being flaunted by illegal immigrants, people who come here and abuse our system, commit crimes, throw their trash everywhere, overburden the welfare system, cause traffic accidents without insurance, and expect us to speak a foreign language to them – whether it’s Thai, Portugese, Swahili or Spanish.If you favor the presence of illegal immigrants in your community, or employ them, you belong in one of a few choice categories: 1) You’re hopelessly dependent on servants and you can’t do a damned thing for yourself, and you are to be pitied; 2) You’re an employer who breaks the law by hiring them. You rationalize your actions by saying “Americans just don’t want to work anymore” after all the local work force left town because wages were so artificially depressed and they weren’t willing to live 20 to an apartment, and you should be pilloried; 3) You’re such a hopeless leftist do-gooder that you’ll be first in line to drink the Kool-Aid, and you should have to spend a year on the border working for the Border Patrol.If you do favor open borders and if you do enjoy having illegal immigrants all around you, you may think I’m wrong and racist, and you’re right, open-hearted and compassionate. But there are many, many millions of Americans who feel as I do, and you’re in the minority – you and the politicians.Gary Hubbell lives in Crawford, where he and his wife, Doris, operate OutWest Guides. They offer summer horseback rides, fly-fishing trips and autumn big-game hunts.

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