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Imagine peace

Dear Editor:

While in Northern Israel I attended a Children’s Festival for Peace sponsored by the Middle East Peace Dialogue Network (MEPDN) and myself.

It was heartwarming to see 3,500 children, Arab and Jewish, meeting for the first time. Maybe in the future, Israeli schools will be open to all cultures and religions. More than 100 adults volunteered to see to it that a good time was had by all.

As the chair of the MEPDN, I read this “Dear Children” letter, and they sang “Imagine Peace” (an adaptation of John Lennon’s “Imagine”):

Dear Children,

I have some good peace news to share with you. Teams of Israelis and Palestinians have negotiated a Regional Peace Plan (RPP). The plan states in great detail how the “Two State” solution will be accomplished. The plan offers the Arab League members a peace agreement.

If the Geneva Initiative Annexes: A Regional Peace Plan (RPP) is accepted by Israel and the Palestinian Authority, there will finally be peace in the Middle East.

I am proud of providing the financial support for the negotiations and preparation of the RPP, which is 460 pages. Copies will be available shortly.

For those who love and support peace, there will be a vote for the plan in Israel and in the Palestinian Authority some time before the end of 2009.

Children, please show this letter to your parents, families and friends.

Peace is for the children of the Middle East. Please help peace.


Middle East Peace Dialogue Network, Inc.

Richard C. Goodwin

Chair, Board of Trustees

In the fall, MEPDN sponsors a Children’s March for Peace, usually in a forest or at a beach for a clean-up and lessons in caring for the environment.

I feel justly proud that my sponsorship of the bringing together, in five years, of more than 25,000 Jewish and Arab children, meeting for the first time.

Have I found the answer to the Middle East riddle? Could it be the children, as the Bible tells us?

Richard C. Goodwin

Snowmass Village

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