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Dear Editor:Calvin Lee (“Time to speak out, again,” March 14) depicts the Roaring Fork Peace Coalition as a mainstream group. That might well have been the organization that Mr. Lee founded; it was not the one I encountered when I began attending its meetings just after Mr. Lee began absenting himself from them.One need only read the RFPC newsletter to see the extremist views to which it adheres. Of course, their disclaimer is that inclusion of an article from the alternative media does not necessarily reflect RFPC positions on any issue, but the only viewpoint they present is an extremist one, as in an article titled “The War on Terror Is the Leading Cause of Terrorism.”Imagine if we in this valley could join a coalition of Americans who love our country and recognize the militant Islamic threat to our way of life, who comprehend that appeasement is suicide. Such a group would welcome both those who favor military options, and those who maintain that other means can be found to oppose widespread terrorism.This coalition would be composed of Christians and Jews, members of all other religions, and secularists; Muslims who unequivocally renounce Jihadia would be warmly welcomed, and honored for their courage. Such a group would support Muslim women standing up to horrific sexist repression, and would align itself with the fledgling reformation movement within Islam.Imagine such a coalition welcoming Republicans, Democrats, Independents and Libertarians. Open discussion free of ideological rhetoric would be encouraged, and bigoted remarks would not be tolerated. We would explore such issues as how to maintain cherished civil liberties in an age of terrorism. We would not claim to have all the answers, but we would learn a lot as we shaped our questions.Imagine.Judith KingGlenwood Springs


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