Imaginary food on our tables |

Imaginary food on our tables

Dear Editor: Last random thoughts on the Base Village Vote: The mistrust of the Crowns (the comments about greed, etc.) is so incredibly misplaced. They have steadfastly supported this community on so many different levels (including, and most importantly, the environmental level), that speculation about their alternatives and their decision to not return with another plan is fairly weird. My own speculation is that their commitment to your community, although strong, has its limits. If this project is voted down, why would they put themselves through more expenses, time, and trashmouth from Johnny Boyd (motto: Skico sucks, I’ve already decided the election, and all you need to do is market) and Jack Hatfield (motto: I have all the facts and everyone else just spins). There are easier ways to make money with that land. On the subject of the character of the present Snowmass Village: It has no character to preserve. Show me the character of Fanny Hill at 3:30 on a crowded afternoon. Show me the character of the Mall, where the guests struggle to find out where the skiing is. Show me the character of the Funnel Chairlift, and the Beginner’s areas, and the little kids ski schools.Instead, Snowmass has wonderful characters doing their best to work within in an environment that is shabby, decayed, and dysfunctional. Give these characters (Skico employees and others) a break. Give them the facilities they need to really make this place the gem it can be. Don’t yank the rug on us!Voting “no” is voting for an imaginary smaller Base Village, which would be cool, because we could finish the project by March 2005, people it with imaginary guests, and make imaginary dollars which, of course, would then put imaginary food on our tables.Weems WestfeldtAspen

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