Illuminating our young people |

Illuminating our young people

Dear Editor:To the anonymous people who are complaining about the lights at the Aspen school campus, I would like to invite you to attend the sporting events that they are lighting. I will pay your entrance fee so you can come and feel the positive energy of a small town that supports its young people doing healthy things.In my opinion, our school campus should be the epicenter of our community. Aspen is a small community that is made up of many different groups of people with different agendas, but most of all we are a community that is raising young people. As a town we need to support our young people in whatever endeavors they pursue: the arts, sports, speech, dance, Boy or Girl Scouts, school-related clubs. The lights are a terrific addition to our school campus that allows us to get together in the evenings, see our friends and family, forget our differences and cheer on the youth in our community.Please let me know if anyone would like to attend ANY of the events under the lights. I’ll meet you there, pay for your entrance fee, buy you something from the booster club and introduce you to your neighbors.Mary M. RyersonAspen

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