Illegal immigrants are us |

Illegal immigrants are us

Dear Editor:Well, here is a hot topic. Well here is what we know. We know they drive the wages down. They overload the school systems. They overload the hospitals. They don’t pay very much of their taxes. The governments – local, state or federal – are not doing anything about it. Lower wages means higher profits. After all it’s the money people running this country, not the working class. So we keep talking about this problem, but does anybody really do anything about it? No.So here is an issue to ponder. Aren’t we all really illegal immigrants to this country? Sure, I was born here and will defend America till they pry my .45 from my dead hand. But our forefathers came to America and decided to take this great land from the Native Americans. We brought our native brothers whiskey, disease and an army of non-natives to drive them from their lands. We proceeded to commit some of the worst atrocities against a race that were ever committed against any race in history. Can you imagine someone telling you, you have to get off your land so somebody else can live there? A more civilized people. A better people. Or shooting buffalo from a train car for the fun of it. Or setting up and shooting them till your barrel got so hot you had to stop. Oh yes, we are so much more civilized.So as these terrorists moved westward we decided we needed more land, so why not conquer the Mexican nation. We will take the entire west from them. They don’t know how to use it. They’re just peasants. So we did. Oh yeah, let’s just exterminate the plains Indians; after all, they’re just savages.We as group have judged and executed more people in our own country than most civilized countries. We tend to pull the trigger, and then try to sort it out later. We can’t live in the past, but we should at least respect it. We are after all, all illegal immigrants to this country. What we did to these races is America’s dirty little secret. We are not taught about our own atrocities. Just how powerful and what a conquering nation we are.So when this hot topic comes up, just think about our own history. And remember the same group of people is still running our country. Not the working class.I will leave you with a quote from a famous American, Crazy Horse: “One does not sell the land people walk on.”Russ DeckerCarbondale