Illegal and Mexican – a ‘sure fit’ |

Illegal and Mexican – a ‘sure fit’

Dear Editor:Sandra or Sarah from Phoenix, Ariz. certainly raised some hackles with her letter about Latino employees being required to speak English.Edgar Niebla (Aspen Times, May 21) opines that if all non-English speakers were to be fired this country would “go downhill faster than she can imagine.” He objects that she singles Mexicans out for her ire, but since immigration from that dysfunctional nation is double the total of the next four highest immigrant nations, illegals and Mexicans are a pretty sure fit. And Niebla doesn’t know that Americans are not afraid of any work, as long as the wages aren’t peon-poor.Patrick Hasburgh (Aspen Times, May 20) is amused that Sandra/Sarah thinks that Latinos conspire to take all low-wage work for themselves. Perhaps he hasn’t seen the Department of Labor report that half – half – of all jobs created last year were taken by new immigrant Latinos. Ditto for the old jobs where workers are replaced by cheaper labor. The same report shows that Latino youth are hardest hit by this influx of cheap Spanish-speaking labor.Hasburgh is in a dream world if he thinks the only work being “colonized” by the massive illegal labor force is nannies or cooks. Ask anyone in the construction trades for a glimpse. Here in California it is nearly impossible to get any public contact position unless you speak Spanish. That’s cops, teacher, principals, nurses – the whole gamut of work presently filled by Americans.Both Niebla and Hasburgh should visit any convenience store in California and ask for directions in English. Unless you speak Spanish, you will not get directions. Barbara VickroEscondido, Calif.

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